Joni Mitchell: The Queen who idolized the Men in her life.

Most Taylor Swift fans hang around researching her ex-boyfriends and the songs she wrote for each Well, sometime in the 90s, a female singer was doing the same thing, idolizing the men in her life; she is known as Joni Mitchell. Most of her songs seem like her life is all about relationships.

Joni Mitchell, Richie Haves, Joan Baez, and Bob Dylan / Joni Mitchell / Joni Mitchell and Gram Nash / Joni Mitchell
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Mitchell had a lot of famous boyfriends. Some were good, and some were quite the opposite, And she made songs for them, just like Taylor Swift did. Some of the songs Mitchell made for her exes are.

Coyote – A Muse Over Sam Shepard

Hejira’s album was mainly composed on Mitchell’s road trip to the US. The name comes from the Arabic hijra. She started using cocaine more often (I swear this information is important at the end of the post). And it was also there that she met Sam Shepard, hired by Dylan to write a movie script based on the tour’s events.

Joni Mitchell, Richie Haves, Joan Baez, and Bob Dylan perform on stage.
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Coyote talks about the brief relationship between Mitchell and Shepard and other things the singer saw on tour. And in one of the presentations, Mitchell showed a beta version of Coyote. Like, “look at what I’m working on, guys!”

Carey, 1971, for Cary Raditz

“Come on down to the Mermaid Cafe
And I will buy you a bottle of wine
And we’ll laugh and toast to nothing and
Smash our empty glasses down.”

Another classic Blue! Carey is Cary Raditz, a chef Mitchell met in a hippie community in Matala, a fishing village in Crete, Greece, in 1970. Then, the Mermaid Cafe existed.

The rock caves on Matala Beach.
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Mitchell keeps calling Carey a “mean old daddy “in the chorus. Can you imagine being known for this bet for the rest of your life?

The song was a birthday present from Mitchell to Raditz. They say that California is also for him from the same album.

Not to Blame, 1994, dedicated to Jackson Browne

Mitchell had a quick relationship with Jackson Browne, and, it is said, 1974’s Fountain of Sorrow was made by him for her. After a while, Browne, who went on with his life and started other relationships, came out in the news as the reason for the suicide of Phyllis Major, his first wife.

Jackson Brown and Daryl Hanna arrive at an event.
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He also allegedly committed physical violence against his girlfriend Daryl Hannah in 1992 (when their relationship ended). Not to Blame talks about these things, but you can’t be sure it’s about Browne. But look… it looks like, see. The cute 1974 Car on a Hill is also for him.