The Unclad Life of Samantha Fox

A simple picture pose for a magazine in the United Kingdom turned out for the young Samantha Fox to be one of the life-changing moments of her life. As you probably guessed correctly, the outrage was due to her little or no choice of clothing.

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She developed her image around flaunting what she had and was not afraid to. Her career started as modeling, and she soon became more popular in the 1980s in her country, but she was also quite good at causing a stir during her musical performances.

Her Love for Eroticizing Her Songs

The choice of titles associated with Samantha Fox as a rising pop star was nothing short of eroticizing. She was not afraid to label her songs after what was indeed on her mind, and this attribute gained her popularity among her broad range of audiences.

A portrait of Samantha Fox.
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From her Touch Me (I Want Your Body) to Naughty Girls (Need Love Too), to I Wanna Have Some Fun, Samantha Fox was clearly out to get a lot of reactions from her audience, and well, she got the needed audiences sought, making top 10.

Her Struggle to Keep Up and Her Fall from Stardom

Samantha Fox’s presence in the music sector soon faded out after performing a cover of a trending song in 1989, Dusty Springfield’s “I Only Wanna Be with You.” This performance marked the decline of Samantha Fox in what was to be her trying time.

Samantha Fox poses on the streets of Paris.
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The question on the mind of many was what happened to the once-rising star as she was famous in her native land in the U.K for her somewhat “Angel Attitude,” but the same image of her was not being portrayed in other countries, especially the U.S.

Finally, She Regains Her Place

Samantha Fox was unmoved despite her apparent fall out of fame with her audience in the music industry. She continued delivering steady music for a long time, long after her casted road to limelight after her first three albums, keeping it strictly to love songs.

Samantha Fox performs on stage.
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Long after the world thought she was done for, Samantha Fox released another studio album in 1991 and trusted Samantha Fox to be at the center of controversy with her most lustful addition titled (Hurt Me! Hurt Me!). Still, the Pants Stay On a love ballad.