Astounding Universe Facts That Will Blow Your Mind

Sometimes adding a little perspective is the best way to deal with a difficult day. Remind ourselves that all we need to do is get to Friday. Or that in a month, we’ll forget about that speeding ticket. In the grand scheme of things, whatever irritated you today is barely a blip on your timeline. In-universe, it’s a lot less.

An image of an exploding planet.
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But hold on. Another excellent solution is to plunge headfirst into an existential crisis! The concept of being a collection of stardust is incredible. Or emotionally damaging. On that note, here are three facts about our Universe that will help you put your day into context.

Earth II – Our Earth Missing Sibling

NASA’s latest ‘planet hunter’ launches the year of space exploration. On the same day, the mission’s leaders announced the discovery of a distant world the size of Earth in its star’s habitable zone. So a celestial body similar to ours is far away and may have liquid water on its surface.

An image of another earth.
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The protagonist planet of this story, dubbed TOI 700 d, is located in the southern constellation of Dorado, approximately 100 light-years from us, measures 20% larger than our planet, takes 37 days to complete its orbit, and receives 86 percent of the energy that the Sun provides to the Earth.

Aliens in Our Backyard

When considering the possibility of life (intelligent or not) beyond Earth, most people think of distant and unknown planets. However, there are some exciting candidates nearby, just around the corner. We’re almost as close as if we’re talking about our backyard.

Alien life forms.
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Finding a life of any kind will mark the start of a new era in space exploration, as well as a profound reflection on the existence of humans and our insignificance in the Universe. Finding it means that life is probably frequent and that we are nothing more than a fleeting coincidence, no matter how special we think we are.

Astronauts Are Putting Their Lives in Danger

Space travel has always been risky, and astronauts are constantly in danger. recently

A group of scientists exposed mice to electrically charged particles to simulate astronauts’ experience in space, and they discovered impaired behavior and neuronal damage.

An astronaut explores another planet.
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According to this study, cosmic rays are more harmful to the brain than previously thought.

For humanity to have a future among the stars, better shields for spaceships, spacesuits, and drugs that protect the brain will be required.