The Before and After Moments of 80’s Fitness Stars

The era plagued with the most notable uprising of fitness stars was the 80’s, and the sudden rise in pop culture and a vibrant display of entertainment laid the groundwork for the fitness craze as it was the go-to look then for lots of wanna-be’s.

Cher poses in her bright neon fitness clothing.
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Let’s go down the memory lane; the 80’s played host to the emergence of the now-famous fitness stars as their lives were laid out for all to see. From Richard Simmons to Jane Fonda to Kathy Smith, all became famous due to the fitness craze rave.

Richard Simmons Then vs. Now

On his neon spandex fitness video, Richard Simmons’s personality and style made him one of the fitness favorites in the industry. It was not until he created a documented video of his own personal weight loss story targeted at helping others achieve the same.

Richard Simmons then / Richard Simmons now
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Not able to keep up with the lifestyle, Richard Simmons stayed away from the public space entirely and kept to himself for a long time. Not until 2017, when police visited his home, many followers realize he was still alive.

Jane Fonda Then vs. Now

Before her call to the limelight in the acting space, Jane Fonda was previously well-known and respected in the fitness industry with her “Jane Fonda Workout” routine. Her workout routine took the fitness industry by storm and grossed as the highest-selling workout video ever.

Jane Fonda then / Jane Fonda now
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Jane Fonda eventually decided to sacrifice her already built a career in the fitness industry for a more sought-after career in the acting space. After her long spell away from the fitness space, she eventually did return 15 years later, but this time to a larger audience.

Kathy Smith Then vs. Now

Kathy Smith was one of the few fitness stars who didn’t feel the pressure to seek an acting career. What initially started as a passion for running soon turned into a more extensive workout video enterprise and health programs to go along.

Kathy Smith then / Kathy Smith now
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Often referred to as the “titan of the fitness industry,” Kathy Smith was the definition of success if it was a measure of the routine workout video sales amassing close to $500 million of her video sales in addition to her books and equipment.