TV Moms’ we Wished Were Ours

The fascinating moment of our passage from childhood into adulthood has to be the moments we spent staring at our TV screens. We all had moments when we played various roles in our minds, and some of us cast ours.

A portrait of Roseanne Conner.
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The top category of picks among the growing population of kids has to be the mom category in various reality TV shows. From specific actions to specific attributes, here are a few examples of the all-time favorites you would have exchanged for your mom.

Vivian Banks – Fresh Prince of Belair

Vivian is popularly known as “Aunt Viv” for her role in the TV series The Fresh Prince of Belair, one of the top-rated comedies shows of all time. Her role in the TV series was as the Aunt of famous Hollywood actor Will Smith.

A portrait of Vivian Banks.
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Her role saw her audience as a multi-talented, trusting, friendly, and career-minded woman beside her scripted lover Phillip. The role of Aunt Viv was played by Janet Hubert for the first season and switched to Daphne Maxwell Reid for the series continuation.

Skyler White – Breaking Bad

The unforgettable role of Skyler White was cast to Ana Gunn, and despite how annoying her role was in the TV series Breaking Bad, this did not hinder her from reaching her full potential as a supporting actress with two consecutive Oscars to prove it.

Anna Gunn arrives at an event.
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Her role as Skyler White saw her play as a mother to Junior and Holly as she was married to Walter White’s character. Although her husband’s weird and estranged behavior in the series led to their separation, she was still the fan’s favorite.

Gloria Delgado-Pritchett – Modern Family

The role of Gloria Delgado-Pritchett played in the TV series Modern Family was as the second wife of fellow character Jay with her two kids, Manny and Joe, coming from their union. Of Colombian heritage, her voice triggered the audience to want more.

Sofia Vergara walks down the red carpet.
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Gloria Delgado-Pritchett, played by Sofia Vergara, was one of the Modern Family TV series’s stands out. If her four Golden Globe Awards, four Emmy Awards, and seven Screen Actors Guild Awards amassed for her role as Gloria isn’t enough, what is?